Developer description


It's a simple game with 3 buttons. As you gain more XP points, you wiil unlock 5 and 8 button modes. You'll get color name and you have to tap button with that color.


When you start you only have option to play with 3 buttons. Later on when you play for some time and gain enough XP points you will be able to play Time Attack and Classic mode with 5 or 8 buttons. And when you get to the top you will unlock 8 button hard mode.

Time Attack Mode:

Timer is set to 30 seconds, and you have to get as many XP points as you can before it reaches 0. One mistake and it's GAME OVER.

Classic Mode:

In classic mode you start with 3 lives. Color name will change if you're too slow or you tap wrong button you will lose 1 life. In the beginning color name changes every 6 seconds. The longer you play, the faster it will change.

8 Button Hard Mode:

You start out with 8 buttons in their usual order, but every 10 seconds they will randomly change places. Same as in classic mode, you have 3 lives, and color name changes but more frequently than in classic mode.

Last updated 3 Apr 2019

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