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There are some photos sitting in your mobile photo album that aren't very vibrant. Some may be ... More

Editor's review

Published 6 Jan 2013

Some might call this photo app rather shallow. After all, it really only does one thing. The thing is, this one thing that Color Thief does - to transfer and repaint one picture with the color of another - actually works really well. The app is simple to use and allows you to take your rather dull original photos and 'steal' the more vibrant colors of a second photograph to turn them into something completely different.
We all have a few photos sitting in our mobile photo albums that aren't particularly vibrant and interesting. Some may be downright dull - especially when they are compared to a few of the really colorful and bright photos that you have taken. Now you can 'steal' the bright vibrant colors and tones of a few of your photos and give them to others to transform them into something more special. Color Thief takes colors from one photo and repaints another with those same colors. You can give a dramatic look to your photos or just repaint them with more subtle highlights - especially when you find some rather dramatic or more subtly colored photos in your albums. It can be used to have a dramatic effect on your photos or just to balance out the colors and enhance them. You'll see instantaneous results and have a great time looking back over your albums to search for that perfect tone.
Yet another really interesting photo styling app is just what we were looking for at the FeedMyApp offices and, while Color Thief doesn't appear to be one of the more spectacular photo apps, it actually delivers more than it appears to. At worst, the transformations will impress and at best you will be very happy at the subtle change in your photos. Effectively, your own photos act as unique filters giving you a much broader color palette than many other photo apps. Color Thief is a great little app for the amateur who is getting a little bored with the Instagram look and for the photo geek who will have great fun doing some subtle changes to their photos.

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