Developer description

Color Word is a brain teasing puzzle game. This is a game of challenging your natural instincts. Our brain is divided into two halves - the left and the right. The Left half is responsible for logical reasoning and the things we are consciously aware of. The Right half is used for more abstract tasks. The things that we just know without really thinking about them. We usually use one or the other at any given time, and it gets terribly confusing when we try to use both simultaneously.
• At each turn, name of a Color comes up, Colored with a different Color. Among the multiple options, you need to choose the Color of the word and NOT the word itself.
• Each turn has a time limit which will decrease in each level.
• As you go up in the levels, the difficulty will increase as the number of options will increase and the option words will be reversed or jumbled.
• In Endless Mode, you have to choose 3 colors from 6 options.
Go through the Rules in the app to get a detailed description of the game. Like us on:

Last updated 18 Apr 2015

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