Developer description

You cannot lose… but to win properly… you have to prove your strategic sense! This experience is offered in the new casual android puzzle game ColorChange for a fun distraction at any moment! In ColorChange you start with the screen full of squares in different colors, randomly scattered over the playing field. Now your mission is to turn this mess into a field of one single color. This is easier then you might think, because to change the color of a block of squares, just surround it completely with another color. You can easily swap two squares by swiping over both. Try to use as few moves as possible to get a higher score at the end. According to how much time you want to spend on a game, you can choose from different game sizes and unlock larger fields as you play. In order to keep track of the game you can zoom in to get a better view as well as improved control. The game is now available on GooglePlay!

Last updated 15 Apr 2015

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