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A fun and entertaining game that will test your memory, your strategies and your speed of thought

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This active brain game helps you to learn faster and more efficient ways to beat the challenge ... More

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Published 16 Feb 2022

It's been a while now since a mobile phone game really took off and went viral. There's been a number of contenders over the last few years but nothing has come close in most people's eyes to the phenomenas that were Angry Birds and Candy Crush. I wonder if Colour Countdown could be the game that you'll see everyone playing on their smartphones on their commute to work for the next year or so. A lot of people play challenging games on the way to work in the mornings to sharpen their brain for the day's activities. This one certainly makes the mind kick into gear as you'll need good logic and strategy, not to mention a good memory.

Colour Countdown


This is one of those games that appears to be simple but is very hard to master. However, once you get your strategies in order and complete levels without running out of time you will be rewarded with in-game coins that can be redeemable for real world prizes like Google Play and Amazon gift cards and Asami tokens. The higher the level, the more coins you get. Unfortunately, if you fail to complete a level you might lose a coin or two and you'll have to restart that level so pre-planning your strategy and remembering where you went wrong or right is essential. When you get to level 50 you can add a test tube which makes life easier if you get stuck.

Colour Game

Colour Countdown is an active brain game for Android that will sharpen up your reflexes and decision making and improve your memory and strategic skills while delivering a heck of a lot of fun. The aim of the game is to race against the clock to fill paint tubes with the same colour paint. Sounds easy, doesn't it. The only problem with that is, as you move upwards through the 300 levels, the countdown clock moves faster and faster. This is where the strategy and memory aspects comes in because, if you choose to start on the wrong colour and your first move isn't correct, you might not have enough time left to complete the level.

If you're close to running out of coins there are a number of ways of getting more. Don't forget that you get between 2 and 8 coins for each successful level you pass. Secondly, you could get 25 just by watching reward ads or 1000 if you recommend a friend. Your friend will get 100 coins too when they sign up. You can redeem your coins for prizes or use them in the game to add more themes or extra tubes of paint. Prizes are great of course but, the real reason Colour Countdown exists is because it's a real fun game.



Colour Countdown is an entertaining game to play whether you are on a bus on your commute to work or sitting in front of the tv at night. As you can imagine, with a name like Colour Countdown it is ablaze with colour. While I chose to play to a background of islands and palm trees, there are a bunch of other backgrounds to choose from and you can add more with a few coins. This addictive game will sharpen your reflexes as well delivering a whole heap of fun for the gamers amongst us. It's available for Android for free at Google Play.

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