Developer description

Colr helps designers, developers, and artists find colors in a new way, save schemes, or get inspired by community palettes. Tap anywhere to reveal color codes, drag along the screen to change color, pinch to adjust lightness, tap near the top to reveal color scheme helpers, and tap in the bottom right for more features -- as well as browse through color palettes others have made.
Full Feature List:
-Drag on the screen horizontally to change hue, vertically to change lightness, and pinch to adjust saturation.
-Display RGB, hex, and HSV information by tapping in the middle of the screen. Click on the circle in the bottom right for more features and to review the instructions.
-Browse millions of palettes by selecting the "Inspiration" option from the main menu.
-Tap near the top to toggle through analogous, monochromatic, triadic, or complementary color scheme helpers. Long press near the top to set the main color manually. Shake the device when the manual color picker is open to get a random color.
-When creating a custom palette, tap on the main screen or the scheme helper to add a color to your palette. Tap any color in your palette to remove it. View saved palettes from the main menu. Delete a saved palette by tapping edit near the top. Tap on a saved palette to view it in detail. Tap on a color within the palette's detailed view to show the color code.

Last updated 13 Jul 2014