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Published 10 Dec 2011

Well there are certainly some fun ways to get youngsters reading and writing these days and if this one doesn’t get them hooked then I don’t know what will. It could be quite a laugh to use as an adult too if you want to get a point across in a comic style. The mechanics are simple and once you log in you are taken on a step-by step guide to creating a comic strip page complete with characters and text. The first thing you have to do is choose the layout of your page from a selection of boxes and once you have that in place you can populate it with a simple drag and drop exercise. There are several background graphics you can pick along with some dodgy looking dudes in a number of poses, some of them with capes! Complete the scene with some "props" and then all that’s left to do is to add some words.

All comic characters convey their thoughts and dialogue with the aid of speech and thought bubbles and ComicMaster is no different. You can add these, along with text boxes, in the same drag and drop fashion. Fill these boxes and bubbles with words and there you have it, your own comic creation in an adventure that you can save or print out and share with your friends. You can even drop descriptive narrative in with words like KRASH and BOOM!

It’s all harmless fun, free to use and supported by Reading for Life. The benefits as I see them are numerous too as apart from encouraging writing and story-telling it provides training in some basic computer skills. You never know, your child could even end up creating cinema’s next big blockbuster character. And when they do you can put that original print-out on e-Bay and retire on the proceeds!


You might not be in at the beginning of something like Batman or Superman but you’ll certainly get some fun with this one. Getting kids to write stories is also an art that could easily disappear without the help of some technology so this one should be applauded.

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