Developer description

ComicMania is finally here!! Guess your favorite comic! Superheros & Super Villains. ALL ARE HERE!
Over 200 Levels! all Free!
Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Avengers, X-men, Doomsday,Fantastic 4!! Guess them and WIN!!
ComicMania is extremely addictive guessing game where users have to guess the name of the Comic Character in the image! Contains nearly 100 of the most famous comic characters!! if you cant remember some! Dont worry! ComicMania have hints for you!
1) Bomb Hint: Destroy one guessing Letter! as a letter less is always helpful :)
2) Place it Hint: Place a correct Alphabet in the correct position!
3) Info 1: Might tell your the superpower of the Comic or some important facts.
The best things is that all the hints are FREE! just play the game and win! get bonus HINTS! FREE!
With beautiful images and delightful game play! ComicMania is simply the best guessing game around!
Its extremely Simple, Easy and Addictive!
Contains all the comics from your comics books, your favorite Cartoons, or from your favorite superhero movie! :)

Last updated 6 Aug 2015