Developer description

Comidor is a new online, business collaboration platform that offers all the appropriate tools for CRM, Project Management and Finance. Managers can now deal with every project that comes up no matter its size and complexity, while sales department deals with marketing strategy in order to optimize it, track leads and pursuit opportunities and all these through Comidor. To be more specific, with Comidor you can:
-Manage and work effectively with teams.
-Manage several projects at the same time. This really helps when you have several projects that directly influence each other.
-Deploy resources to a project only when they are needed. This improves efficiency and effectiveness and helps reduce costs.
-Keep all the documents you need for a project in a single place where you can
-easily search, tag, and share them with everybody involved.
-Create budgets, track expenses, and more.
-Plan your daily tasks with task management features.
-Schedule milestones, activities, employee time, and deliverables.
-Link all your e-mail accounts using the embedded email client and check them at a glance
-View your daily tasks and orders in a calendar view
-Check your social network accounts (Twitter, LinkedIn, Dropbox)
-Create alerts and reminders for special events or deadlines
-Manage all your contacts and accounts linking them with related tasks, documents, expenses, opportunities or events
-Create impressive reports and diagrams for every units
-Workflows can be created in order to illustrate significant procedures
-Create e-mail campaigns Do you want to have a look? Try our demo version at https: //

Last updated 6 Aug 2015