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Introducing COMISH, the wildly addicting new Stockbroker game!

Have you ever wanted to take INSANE risks with OTHER people’s money? Ever wanted to blow HUGE amounts of cash on frivolous junk you don't need? Now you can!

Prepare to unleash your inner D-Bag! You play as Goldie Saxon, a stockbroker legend. The year is 1987. You work on Wall Street, New York City. The goal? Make as much cash as you can by CHURNING and BURNING your client’s accounts into oblivion!

Immerse yourself into an economic playground unlike any game you’ve ever played before. You decide exactly how much or how little you want to invest. Choose which stocks to buy based on their risk levels. You are in total control of your clients money. Do well for them and they’ll pay you big bonuses. But if you underperform then you’re FIRED!… No pressure.

COMI$H is one of the first games EVER that lets you play to win REAL Amazon gift card prizes! There’s always a new “Invest-A-Contest” to enter each week. Compete LIVE against millions of other players. At the end of each tournament, whoever has the highest stock portfolio wins!

COMISH is short for COMMISSIONS! That’s the name of the game, make as much commissions as you can to become the biggest, baddest broker on Wall Street!

Download COMISH now on the App stores!

Last updated 5 Oct 2017

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