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Move into the 21st Century with this next gen lesson planner for teachers of all kinds.

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The Common Core Lesson Planner App is the next generation of teacher preparation and standards ... More

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Published 22 Apr 2013

The image that immediately comes to mind when thinking of planning and preparing teaching lessons is of the kindly teacher, laboriously trudging through large amounts of paper and mapping out the direction of the upcoming lesson. Oh, hang on...that was a Dickens book i was reading. Well, its either that or you can update it to the 20th Century by imagining the same scenario with its modern day equivalent - Excel spreadsheets and Word documents. Now it's time to move on from those efficient but bad old days and move into the next generation of lesson planning. Common Core is a great new education application that enables the teacher to prepare for classes and lessons with consummate ease. This is a slick looking and very functional planning app that was developed by teachers for teachers and uses great technology to better organize all aspects of the lesson giving process.
Apps like this one will certainly change the way that teachers and educators of all types will prepare and assess for their classroom activities. The Common Core Lesson Planner App is the next generation of teacher preparation and standards-based proficiency scoring. Up until now, there hasn't really been quite such a classy and sleekly designed app dedicated solely to education. They tend to be rather staid and austere designs that offer functionality over clean, simple lines and ease-of-use. Thankfully this isn't an app that is only about looks as it offers a simple and efficient way of...