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Move into the 21st Century with this next gen lesson planner for teachers of all kinds.

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Published 22 Apr 2013

[cont'd] planning everything from times and duration of lessons,  attendance roles and even exam results - all in the one place. Teachers can use their voice (using Google Voice)  to add their content to their planners, they can track standards being taught throughout the year and also check on score assessments with one touch of a button. Common Core takes paper out of the equation too with it's simple email facility so you can send your weekly plans to yourself with nothing to physically print out and lesson plans are delivered in the easy to read PDF format. There is no doubt this app will change how teachers plan and assess in their classrooms.
Sometimes it's hard to drag teachers and educators out of their slumber when it comes to new technology but, realistically, you'd be crazy not to at least take a look at this excellent lesson planning app for Android and iOS. Common Core Lesson Planner is a beautifully designed app that will go some way to convincing those of you who still use pen, paper, Excel or Word to pan your lessons - if for no other reason than it being so easy to use and a delight to use. It's big breakthrough will come when it is available for iPad and the developers tell me that it will be coming very soon. Common Core adheres to recognized proficiency grading with assessment being calculated automatically within the app. It's been...