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The future of project management is to socialize it

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Published 14 Mar 2013

[cont'd] projects and limit them to being able to see only what they need to see. Communifire delivers everything a group needs in one place with updates on all your groups coming to you in one location.
Communifire is such a beautifully organized project management application that it almost seems the benchmark for the way that future management works. And not only is it an all encompassing set of management tools with enough analysis and feedback to help build your brand like never before - it's also a remarkably easy application to use. All your internal information is safe from outside forces and the whole community acts exactly like a regular social network. For small businesses there are plans available at under fifty bucks per month with several other pricing plans for bigger businesses and users. Whichever you choose, Communifire has everything you need for internal business communication.