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Developer description

A bunch of multi-colored boxes have landed on your iPhone screen. There's only one thing you can do- open them! Discover your prize inside. Once you've opened a box and claimed your prize, you'll realize that your efforts haven't been in vain. Your prizes can be huge and range from a free game credit to £10,000 of real money! However, you have to figure out how to open the box first.

Competition Box is a revolutionary App that combines trivia, bright colorful boxes and plenty of cash prizes. Pick a box that feels lucky and check to see what's inside. Answer a fun question on topics spanning from science to literature to pop culture to general knowledge and more in order to open the box you've picked. If you choose the correct answer, your prize is revealed and you get to claim it.

Competition Box is socially interactive. You have the option to log in through Facebook and play with your friends!

When you win cash, it's added to your credits, and you can use it to play more, or you can cash out at any time. When you cash out, all your winnings will be credited to you through PayPal. Enjoy playing with the App that will reward you with real money!


- 5,000 Questions
- 20 Different Coloured Boxes
- Innovative Designs
- Outstanding Animations
- Push Notifications
- Facebook integration, win cash with your FRIENDS!
- Free Play Mode


- £10,000
- £5,000
- £1,000
- £500
- £100
- £50
- £20
- £10
- £5
- £1
- Free Credit

Last updated 15 Dec 2012