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Published 17 Oct 2018

No matter what we do in life, it's been drilled into us over the years to not worry too much about what other people are doing as long as we concentrate on making sure that the things we do ourselves are top notch. Nowhere is this truer than in business. If we have confidence that the products we sell, the deals we offer and the services we present are up to scratch, then it doesn't matter what other companies are doing. But that was the old days. You see, the nature of business has changed over the last few years. These days, it has become vitally important for the health of a business to know exactly what our opposition is up to so that we can react to it early to keep being competitive. 

In the past, marketers have been helped out by tools that monitor certain areas of our competitors' business. However, marketing these days involves a multitude of channels - making it more difficult to track just what our competitors are up to. But now we see the introduction of a multifaceted app for marketers that tracks everything from social media to newsletters to emails so that your company knows exactly what the opposition is up to at any given time.

Competitors App is a new all in one suite of business tools for marketers that tracks, monitors and details all their competitors' marketing channels in one place. These may include emails and newsletters sent to...