Developer description

ComplimentKarma is a cloud based application to Send / Receive Compliments (e.g. Thanks, Kudos, Good Job, Recommendation etc.) To / From your Professional and Personal (i.e. Social) contacts.

Based on the compliments you Send / Receive from your coworkers and other job related external contacts (such as Company Clients, Vendors and Suppliers etc.), your Employer / Manager can reward you with monetary Rewards.

Based on the number of compliments, you also earn various Level Badges, Trophies and Certificates for different Skills and build your Proof of Experience, to help you with your future job endeavors, as you own your profile even if you switch employers.

You can exchange compliments not only with your Professional contacts for day to day job related tasks, but also with your Personal/Social contacts for personal reasons.

Employers / Managers can sign-up for advanced functionality to administer employee professional accounts, in addition to advanced analytics and reward programs.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015