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Developer description

ConceptCodify is an online card sorting application for everyone making websites and apps. ConceptCodify is quick, easy, and simple, and at a reasonable price. ConceptCodify wants everyone making websites and applications to make decisions based on self-conducted research and have access to the best tools available.

Card sorting is a user research methodology where participants organize a set of concepts, or cards. The data from how each participant has organized the cards can then be analyzed into a cohesive whole. The analysis can be used to improve navigation, site maps, page organization, page layouts, page flows and process, copy organization, and even to reduce clutter.

Card sorting belongs with usability testing, qualitative surveying, and user interviews as one of the primary user research techniques. Sadly, for most organizations, many research techniques are out of their price range and available time. ConceptCodify seeks to remedy this problem by making card sorting quick, easy, actionable, and affordable.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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