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Conferize is a social platform for conference and people.

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Published 27 Nov 2012

Knowledge is everything these days, it seems. Start a new job and it's as much about just how up to date you as it is on what you can bring to the table. The world is moving fast and it's important to keep up with current trends. Many companies will send their staff members to conferences or seminars but, with our businesses truly global these days, they could be situated anywhere from Beijing, China to Louisville, Kentucky. So maybe an online solution is possible to shrink the knowledge gap. Conferize is a social conference and event finding app that lets you discover and virtually attend a new online conference every day if you wish.
Conferences shape people and professions. We've known this since the ancient Greeks gathered in the agora and put their minds together to solve important issues of life and enterprise. Conferize is a social platform for conferences and people that lets you virtually discover and register for new conferences. What's more, you can join in on the action as it happens around people, conversations and content. Today most professions have their own conference scene in every major region throughout the world with over a million conferences held every year involving hundreds of million of attendees. - some offline and some online - imparting a huge array of knowledge. With our world continuing to get more complex, more connected and ever more globalized we are under pressure to adapt and change, to learn and be inspired and constantly build our personal network. Conferize gives you a constant stream of live conferences from all around the world that you can join in with and expose yourself to the latest business trends and techniques. Search for and sign up to upcoming events or see what is available right now.
Conferize is an important cog in the search for up to date knowledge for the modern day businessperson. This innovative and rather unique app is a very useful tool for keeping you on your toes as well as adding a social element with its interaction abilities. One of the most impressive about this app is the amount of interest it is attracting amongst the media and big business meaning more and more organizations get involved and share knowledge. Even now, there are thousands of conferences available on any number of subjects.  But, on a more practical note, it is also a good way for businesses to cut costs by encouraging its staff to attend online rather than indulging in expensive plane trips. Louisville is not so bad but those long haul flights to China can be pretty expensive.

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