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A fun and logic-based kids board game for ipad

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Confetti is a fast-paced action and fun game. A little bit of logic, a bit more attention and ... More

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Published 16 Jan 2013

The rapid rise in popularity of tablets in general and iPad in particular has thrown open the whole concept of mobile games over the last couple of years. While the home computer opened up the whole gaming world it doesn't have the user-friendliness of a mobile version to capture the attention of the younger ones and the mobile phone is just too small. Confetti HD is a challenging new fast paced and fun game for older kids. This colorful logic-based board game for iOS requires you to gain points by collecting the right combination of three cards and complete your set. Sounds simple enough? Only trouble is, youHave to do it inside one minute or you are gone.
Confetti HD is a fast-paced and fun board game that is full of action. It requires a little bit of logic and a little bit more attention...and victory can be yours. Confetti HD is a new game for iPad developed by the people who brought us the excellent interactive kids game TaleTellers as well as the beautiful-looking board game called Era of Elements not so long back. The idea of this fun little game is to gain the most points by collecting the right cards but you will have to think fast because you have only one minute for the round and you'd better not waste any  precious time. Each card has three circles on it of different size and color. A small, medium and big circle of the same color is a set and this grants one victory point. Since all cards have three circles of different colors, you can get more points by combining them. For example, you can gain two points on four cards or four points on five cards but your best combination is three points on three cards and this is called a full set. If you can complete two full sets during one round you can gain a full six points.
Confetti HD can either be played as a four player game on your iPad but you can also play it alone. It's the kind of game that kids can sit around and play the way they play real board games like monopoly or scrabble and the cool designs and colorful display will keep them amused for hours. There are a couple of difficulty levels to cater for the younger and older kids but be aware that there is a fair amount of logic required to win so the littler ones could get a little frustrated. However, it's simple to pick up and the fact that it is on an iPad will probably be enough to capture the attention of most kids. So the next time the kids say they are bored or its a rainy day outside you might want to bring out a little Confetti HD to rain down on them keep them amused.

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