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There’s nobody in the world, who doesn’t know great Confucius and famous Confucius quotes, which became the fount of wisdom for different people. It’s difficult to keep in mind all of them, and fortunately there is Confucius quotes application, which provides us with a variety of quotes from Confucius and allows to resort to his great wisdom in any situation.
When we are in low spirits, funny Confucius quotes will show that our problems aren’t so awful and we’ll look on them from the humorous point of view. But Confucius funny quotes also can teach us how to enjoy life and don’t pay attention on trifles. So Confucius quotes funny and wise at the same time.
You can say that Confucius (say quotes and sayings of Confucius) shouldn’t be funny but wise man isn’t necessary serious, he also should possess a sense of humor! So learn that Confucius (say funny quotes of Confucius) can be funny!
• The wisdom can’t be bought, so this app is free.
• Send Confucius quotes to your friends via social networks and share the great wisdom with them. • App provides you with each Confucius quote even when you’re off-line.
• Due to continual updates you have access to various Confucius quotes.
• Pleasant display disposes you to calmness and meditation.
Quotes by Confucius can help us to escape from difficult situation and put us to the straight and narrow.
So download the application and enjoy the great eastern wisdom!

Last updated 6 Jun 2014