Developer description

Learning French can be fun if you know how to conjugation a few french verbs, but it can be even more exciting if you know more verbs.

Conjuga is a french conjugation app with more than 1500 french and English verbs indexed. The fast and powerful search engine, a well-structured conjugation table, and very human-like voice pronunciation can help you sound like a native.

Sometimes, in french, we don't pronounce everything. For instance: "ils jouent" it's pronounced [il ʒu]. If you are learning on your own with a Textbook, you'll be confused. That's why I built this app to help folks like you nail the French verb conjugation with ease.

With Conjuga, you'll have these options:
- Audio with prononciation
- Switch Between Male and Female Voice
- Dark and Light Mode
- Fast Powerful search engine
- Save your favorite for offline use
- Ads free and no tracking.

Last updated 4 Jan 2022

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