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Connect a Job is the radically smarter, easier, multidimensional way job seekers and employers conne

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Connect a Job is the radically smarter, easier, multidimensional way job seekers and employers ... More

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Published 27 Sep 2011

Attempting to find a new job is a dull process. There's little glamour to it. If you are an employer you'll find yourself ploughing through the seemingly endless dull and boring resumes. If you're a jobseeker it's rather a bleak process of trying to stand out from a crowd which seems to get bigger and bigger. Connect a Job offers a brand new kinda of way for both sides to connect with innovative features including video profiles, online work samples as well as many other innovative features.
Connect a Job is an easy to use and intelligent job search tool that gives employers multidimensional help to assess the applicant as well as giving jobseekers an opportunity to record their own video profile to put them ahead of the rest of the pack. Connect a Job is like a resume, portfolio and interview all in one! Up until now, job hunting and recruitment have lagged badly behind other IT innovations. Job seekers have struggled to present themselves as more than just words on paper and it has been nigh impossible to present their true character in words alone. The employer has  the unenviable task of finding the perfect candidate based on repetitious and cliched resumes that are basically copied from a template on the net. By adding the new weapon of the video interview it quickens the whole process saving everyone time and money.

Connect A Job certainly take their position in the world of employment very seriously and there's no doubting that they do it very well. By providing a connection place between employers and jobseekers and giving both the opportunity to tell their story better is a masterstroke. The interface is professional and easy to use. While it isn't a free service it compares well with the "High Street" version and, in an ironic touch, will probably give both sides a more personal view of potential employers and employees.

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