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Let people chat with you anonymously!

Developer description lets people chat with you anonymously.
When you create an account you are given a ... More

Editor's review

Published 13 Sep 2011

The world is a funny place these days. It's not the easiest thing to meet new people safely. That's why so many people use online meeting sites. So how do you ensure that your personal details remain unknown and be able to chat totally anonymously online, whatever your reason? is a chat tool that enables you to chat with whoever visits your profile in complete anonymity and totally free.

When you create an account with you are given a unique profile which you can share with your friends if you like. When they log in they, too, are given anonymous nicknames and, as a consequence, you don't know who you are talking to. Users may also choose to thare their profile links in public to encourage you to meet new people. If you are offline when they come to visit they can leave an anonymous private message for when you next log on. Then they are given a secure link to follow the conversation later.

You never know WHO you are talking to when you chat online. It could be a milkmaid from Massachusetts or a fireman from Fresno, if you are lucky. So it makes perfect sense to protect your online presence. Certainly until you establish that they aren't an axe wielding maniac. provides a simple, quick and easy way of chatting safely and anonymously online with anyone you wish. Happy hunting!