Developer description

ContactBase is a visual address book app that manages and organises your business contacts. It helps you to understand hierarchies and navigate the politics of complicated negotiations to gain the upper hand.

View and search contacts by Company and Job Title. Eliminate duplicate contacts. Create notes to store key facts and insights.

Create an org chart from your device in minutes. Share with teammates and partners via Email, SMS, WhatsApp, DropBox Google and more.

Build a relationship map from your device in minutes. Share with teammates via Email, SMS, WhatsApp, DropBox, Google and more.

See powerful data visualisations of your address book. Discover gaps in your contact data and improve your address book optimisation score.

Why use ContactBase? Because you want better visibility and control over your business contacts. You want a clearer, cleaner and richer address book. You want a better understanding of the relationships between your contacts. Because you want the upper hand when navigating the political landscape of your customer accounts, major projects and important negotiations.

Last updated 26 Jul 2019

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