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Cheaper than a PA - and it won't expect a Christmas present!

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ContactMe is a super simple, lightweight web-based CRM tool that helps small business owners ... More

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Published 7 Dec 2011

If you can’t afford that PA to pop your day’s agenda on your desk every morning then this could be a cheaper option. You won’t have to buy birthday and Christmas presents for it either! ContactMe looks simple enough but it will do a thorough job in getting your busy schedule organized. Once that’s sorted it can then move on and make you so much more contactable by people who just might want to spend money.

It’s the contact aspect of this one that gives it an edge and the name kind of gives that away. It’s all well and good having your contacts organized and listed centrally but what if you could make sure that you give potential clients every opportunity to contact you?

You can import your existing contacts into the system effortlessly and then categorize them in any way that suits you in respect of services and products. A stage cycle function will then allow you to move a leads up to a prospect and then hopefully a fully-fledged client.

Staying on top of tasks is made easy too and a clear screen lists pending assignments for today, tomorrow and later. These can be color coded for priority and ticked off when completed.

Having details of all correspondence with a client close at hand is also a great time saver and any email exchanges can be simply moved to the relevant client account on ContactMe. Rummaging through the inbox should become a thing of the past.

As for attracting new business, well it couldn’t be simpler. Add a ContactMe button to wherever you are on the web and make it easy for people to get in touch. A button can be customized and will appear on the page no matter where the visitor scrolls. By clicking on it they will be presented with a contact form and after they have filled in the details the data will automatically be added to your contacts.

It’s all designed to make your life easier and open the doors to potential business which sounds like a pretty good mix to me.


This is a simple looking piece of kit but one that has some great functions for the price. If you’re still wondering about the PA though the system does pops your day’s agenda up on the screen when you log in. It won’t bring you a coffee however.


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