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Published 21 Nov 2013

[cont'd] that may be caused by a customer's location, their browser or their operating system as well as helping to identify any potentially fraudulent activity.
Better customer service inevitably leads to better sales figures and ContactMetrics is an easy way to streamline your customer communication and improve your sales figures. It's simple enough really. The app lets you create your own contact form for your website and delivers all the relevant information you might need to help facilitate a sale just that little bit easier. It might be a customer complaint about a product that they have purchased. If it were a Mac product, for example, you could immediately see which system your customer was running. Maybe that customer in Northern Africa might have clicked the wrong button when he was ordering that cold weather clothing. ContactMetrics is in free Beta mode account right now but if you sign up at the moment you will receive preferential pricing when they launch their full, paid accounts in the future.