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It's like having a personal assistant in your email

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Contactually is a personal assistant for your email Inbox. We prioritize your contacts and ... More

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Published 15 Dec 2011

If your email inbox is anything like mine is it will be half organized. I mean to have everything compartmentalized and neat and prioritized but, unfortunately, I often run out of time and it never gets finished. What I really need is a personal assistant to sort everything out. And that is where Contactually comes in very handy. This customer relations management (crm) tool for your email increases your productivity by prioritizing your contacts and prompting you to automatically reconnect with your most important contacts at the right time
Contactually is about bringing business efficiency tools to where they are needed most and not just by copying and pasting back and forth. The concept of Contactually is that software should be designed around helping us do our jobs better and should not require additional actions on our part to achieve that. It currently focuses on the incredibly useful crm tools.  When utilized properly crm's can be a tremendous asset to an individual, a team or a company. The only trouble is, crm's often don't properly fit in with the way we work. We interact with them through clunky web applications and endless forms and you have to remember to keep feeding your crm more data or it's not very useful. Contactually hooks directly into your email accounts  with no browser plugins or software to install. They also combine all your email contacts with information from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can even sync it...