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Published 10 Nov 2021

Creating new, interesting and relevant content for our readers has always been hard work. The viewing audience demands topical and engaging copy on a regular basis or they could simply walk away and read someone else's newsletter, blog or article. Having been a writer and reviewer for many years I realise that, more often than not, it's that first sentence that's the hardest part. Once you've got that first line written down, much of the rest generally follows suit. However, sometimes we need a little help in getting that first line and composing the message that will keep our customers satisfied. And that's where this writing and marketing app can be more than useful. 

Content Calliope is a new app that can instantly generate ideas, outlines and summaries to make content writing a fair bit easier. It uses artificial intelligence to help create everything from short summaries to long-form articles with thousands of words and it does it in minutes and with not a hint of plagiarism in sight. To help you find exactly what you need, the app provides over 100 customizable text generators and pre-built article templates to deliver the structure that you are looking for. The AI technology 'remembers' every single piece of information about your given subject and uses its unique skills to spread that information across a whole article. 

This app will inspire any type of writing you are looking for whether it be advertising copy, topical articles...