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Published 10 Nov 2021

[cont'd] fictional stories, emails and even song writing, if it comes to that. Whatever you are writing it will help you create new and better content very quickly. Once you've worked out exactly the topic that you want to write about you can design the shape and style of your work and put in a few keywords and you're away. Calliope will give you a whole heap of ideas to work on, show you how you can present and structure it and, pretty soon,  you'll have the bulk of the article done. However, if you don't like the way it turns out you can simply re-invoke Calliope and the app will present other ideas for you. 

Phrase databases won't be needed anymore because Calliope's text is generated 'on-the-fly' using Natural Language Processing AI. All you've got to do is to come up with the keywords in the first place and this app will elaborate and expand on them. It produces copy that you can work with and content that is unique to you. The app communicates easily with many AI models including various types of GPT, Image and Voice Synthesizers. When you are happy with your work and the piece, you can save it to your clipboard, share it to team members or your social media or email it. 

Calliope is a very powerful app that delivers instant inspiration and helps to make writers block a thing of the past...