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Published 20 Feb 2012

As a freelancer myself, especially in the early days, I certainly paid my dues to enough "content agencies" to know where the larger slice of the pie ends up. Content Spree, on the face of it at least, appears to have added some welcome transparency to the process. On top of that writers who sign up and the businesses they write for get to communicate rather than leaving the management of a project to the guy in the middle.  It’s not all free of course but writers will at least know how much a potential employer is offering before Mr Ten Per Cent takes his cut rather than just accepting an agencies price for the job. Additional fees are payable for enhanced services and we’ll come to those a little later.

It is free to join and writers who register can upload their CV and samples of previous writing to their profile as well as listing particular skills and preferred genres. Businesses with a writing job to fill can register and post details of it along with the minimum/maximum cash on offer. The site then provides a project dashboard allowing employer and writer to stay in touch throughout the process.

As well as the bidding process the site caters for contests where employers can receive a number of submissions and choose their preferred one with the winner walking off with the cash.

The thorny subject of getting paid for what you write is covered in some way by the...