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Published 6 Jul 2013

One of the main things that prevents some businesses increasing their online presence is the time that it takes to actually put the package together. There are any number of free apps knocking around that give you the ability to create your advertising page together but the problem lies in finding the content to flesh it out and keep your visitors interested. ContentForest is an easy way to solve that problem. This marketing application gives access to some of the best authors and bloggers in their specific industries around the world. Get them to write all the content you need to create interesting articles and keep your customers satisfied.
Brands becoming publishers is a surging phenomenon for obvious reasons. The better the content, the better your prospects will be for visitors to your site being eventually turned into customers. Most businesses understand how important it is to regularly publish content but, in reality, are just too busy with their core activities. It can be frustrating to use services from agencies or networks who have writers who can write about everything and anything but without the insight of someone close to the business. That’s where ContentForest comes in. This marketplace application is a place where marketers and businesses can find the top authors and bloggers in their industry. You can get them to write your blog posts, ebooks, white papers and other crucial content. ContentForest is very selective about the content creators they have on their platform. They only approve the very top bloggers and authors to get your content written. Hence, you can save a lot of time and frustration without having to resort to countless unnecessary back and forth messages to writers who just don’t get you and your industry.
ContentForest was born when the developers started their own marketing and advertising business and offered their customers content marketing as a service. However, they found that either the platforms were restrictive or the content quality was pretty poor and unfulfilling. ContentForest provides not only well written content but it is also relevant to your product and written by some of the better writers out there. The app itself is easy to use and virtually automates your content. Given that it's becoming more and more essential for a product to provide more than just basic advertising to survive in the retail world, this app would appear to give you the relevant content without the hassle of creating it.

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