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Developer description is content management built for developers - augment all your web and mobile apps with CMS functionality. Most app developers sooner or later have to face the problem whether they should build an app around a Content Management System like Drupal, Typo3 etc or if they should re-implement basic content editing functionality in their code base. If they choose to build their product around a CMS, they have to stay within the bounds and possibilities of these 3rd party systems.
Creating themes for a legacy CMS is almost always a pain and developers are severely limited in what they can do with their app. Traditional CMS' are bloated, slow, do not provide nice APIs and all in all do not make happy developers. Taking the other route - which is way more compelling for real developers ;-) - may look easy at first, but content management and editing is not the simplest thing to do and sooner or later, users want to have advanced features, like drafts, content versioning, WYSIWYG editing, and much more.
This will inevitably lead to overrun budgets, blown up timelines and frustrated users and developers. We do not primarily address the 9-to-5-corporate developer (aka Lead Engineer of the Nebraska Department of Forestry as Scott Hanselman would put it) who tries to build an internal project management portal.
Our focus are developers who love their craft, have a passion for new technologies and do want to use the best tool for the job to be done. These devs want to build their applications using the latest and greatest tools and focus on their idea. Content Management and Editing should be a given, an add-on, a ready-to-use-thing - not yet another requirement. is for content management what Firebase ( is for databases, what is for real time web apps, what is for payment, what NewRelic is for application monitoring, what is for user feedback systems, what Disqus is for commenting - a new breed of tools in the SaaS era.

Last updated 8 Apr 2014