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Developer description

Conterra Financial Information Management (Conterra FIM) is comprehensive enterprise-level software for accounts payable automation and invoice management. It is a powerful tool to manage AP workflow and reduce your costs per invoice.

Conterra FIM helps you streamline and simplify your daily invoice processing routines, from document capture to the final payment. You automate all your AP tasks including invoice capture, validation, processing and analysis.

If you have more than 5 AP professionals in your organization that processes more than 500 invoices monthly and this volume constantly increases, this
solution is for you.

Conterra FIM is available as both on-premise and SaaS solution.

Built upon the Conterra ECM platform, Conterra FIM inherits the power and agility that have been tested and proved by over 1,500 ECM clients across all industries.
The core ECM modules allow users to perform most common and customizable Document Management and Business Process Management tasks, while forming the solid basis for more tailored solutions.

Due to the ECM platform, the Conterra FIM solution functionality can further be extended to Contract Management and other specified business tasks.

Last updated 8 Apr 2014

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