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Ba-PRO contract manager is the easiest way to manage all your contracts whilst in the office or on the road. You can work on every platform. Simply log in and you have all information available to see or work with. Changes you make go directly to the company server and can be used there too. Key in data once and that is it!

key benefits:

• Contract Information always available
• Document management included
• Provide clarity to your customer
• Alerts to make sure you take action when needed
• All contract information structured and securely stored in your centralized database
• Add signing pictures to show the celebration of your clients
With Ba-PRO every company has its own dedicated securely hosted database, the only thing you need is a browser or a mobile device (Windows, Android or IOS) to log in and see the contracts relevant for you.

Why your sales team likes it:
• Be a sales pro, know your customer
• Cross selling made easy
• Alerts ensure timely action to contact client
• Mobile so also available on the road
• Use your phone to take a snapshot of the signature and of the happy signing event. Stored.

Why your clients like it:
• Improved interaction with sales representative
• I get continuous service since sales rep knows that the contract is ending

Why legal and accounting like it:
• Structured contract information centralized and available when you need it
• All versions of the contract available in the document management built in
• Even possible to manage inter- company contracts
• No need to install / run software, low pricing

Why the board likes it
• Contracts up to date and available
• No latency (automatic alerts)
• Efficiency and good customer relations
• Compliance (you know whether a contract is signed

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Demo account:
User: [email protected]
Password: secret

Last updated 22 Aug 2015

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