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Get Carpool and taxi Services at your Smartphone by your finger tip easily.
Carpooling (also known as car-sharing, ride-sharing and lift-sharing ), is the shared use of a car by the driver and one or more passengers, usually for to reached their workplaces.
Contriride mobile App Also used for booking a taxi, This App Quickly find available taxi's near by and send request to one or multiple taxis. Request will be received by the taxi drivers on their mobile app "Get Passenger". Details of the taxi driver that accepted the request first will be received by the passenger on this app.
The arrival of taxi, start and end of the trip will be visible to the passenger along with fare entered by the taxi driver.

You may use the carpool services with cab driver or your near by person easily, by just following the simple instruction.
Step 1

Registered as a carpool or taxi passenger user and, Select your source and destination location.


Search cab driver or car owner for carpooling and filter your search according to your need.

Step 3
Select the nearest taxi or carpool driver and sent him request for the trip by click on Sent request , you get confirmation notification for your trip after that.

You can also cover your taxi location, while your taxi driver on the way to achieve.

Get Started your trip with your cab driver and after reached at your destination, click on finish trip and write your reviews about your trip.

1. Instant auto booking of cab/buddy car around you.
2. You can select cab or your(Buddy car) of your choice.
3. Get notification on arrival.
4. Set pick up and destination location on map.
5. See where is your booked cab(Buddy car) now.
6. Automatic distance estimation.
7. Give feedback for service you have got.
8. Get notification at various stages of trip.
If you share your ride with only one alternative coworker, you'll cut the value of commutation in. Fill the automobile with four friends, and you may pay simply twenty fifth of what you had paid to drive alone. to not mention, you will save on automobile maintenance as a result of you will bog down on wear and tear, and you may extend the lifetime of your automobile.

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Last updated 25 Jan 2014