Developer description

Full-Service Solution

The Conversocial platform is part of an integrated solution that comprises strategic consulting, technology implementation and comprehensive training–ensuring you get the knowledge you need to deliver the most efficient and effective customer service possible.

Why we’re different

Traditional customer service software is built for private, one-to-one interactions where everything is a customer service issue. But social media mixes public and private, can be one-to-many, and combines customer service issues with general chatter and engagement. As a result, social customer service requires different approaches prioritization, workflow and analytics.

Why dedicated social customer service platforms are essential in the contact center

Customer service requires tools designed for agent effectiveness. Using a social marketing tool means sacrifices in customer experience and agent efficiency.
Dedicated social customer service platforms can innovate quickly and respond immediately to changes without the constraints of all-in-one suites.
Delivering the best customer experience requires integration into the contact center to provide a multi-channel, single view of the customer journey.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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