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Published 15 Nov 2012

Convertable is a quite wonderful set of analytic business tools aimed at online marketers that takes Google Analytics to another level. While Google provides aggregated stats on the analytics data of submitted forms, Convertable takes it one step further by analyzing each form individually and then let's you track them through the whole sales and purchase process. As usual with most of these enterprising business apps, this one was born out of the frustration of a marketing team to be able to isolate where every one of their leads were really coming from and the individual ROI on each.
Convertable is a free web tool that can be used on any site and lets you see the analytical data on each individual form submitted. This means that it is now possible to continue  to track those leads through the sales and purchase process. It's the perfect set of business tools for online marketers who want to capture smart data on web leads through the end of the sales funnel and then use that data to spend money toward the sources of the best leads. You could use a full blown CRM, of course but that could be expensive and you will probably be paying for a whole bunch of stuff that you don't need. Where did the Idea come from? Convertable was hatched after the developers asked their search marketing clients about the quality of leads coming through their contact forms. They wanted to measure the actual ROI of their campaigns by identifying the original source of every lead that resulted in an actual closed sale. This, of course, could take anything up to three months or more after the original inquiry is submitted.  They found that there was no way to do this with their current analytics tools because traditional conversion tracking and web analytics tools like Google Analytics only offer aggregated, anonymous metrics meaning it is  impossible to track the best and most profitable leads back to their source. Convertable finally allows companies to capture the original traffic source, keyword, location, landing page and more of each individual lead generated through any kind of online marketing campaign, including SEO, PPC, social media, banner ads and email newsletters. Whats more its done in real-time.
Market analysts are going to lap up this excellent SaaS business application because it does something that most of the other analytical apps don't. Whereas the others lead you down a dead end, Convertable opens up all the individual leads from everywhere and everywhere and allows you to see the most effective ones. The app is surprisingly convenient and easy to use, especially considering the depth of information that it is able to supply. Find better insight about each customer without having a hefty CRM to deal with. Convertable takes Google Analytics to the next level.

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