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Developer description

Convertr aims to take the concept of unit and currency conversion to a different level. No need to flex your brain for complex conversions. Get it done in a matter of few seconds with Convertr , it’s as easy and intuitive as it possibly can get.
Convertr is the simple, beautiful yet powerful unit conversion app packed with 11 most used categories.
Categories Currency, Area, Length, Mass, Temperature, Time, Data, Volume, Power, Angle, Energy Features
• Clean, Simple and Intuitive interface, least number of clicks for desired conversion
• Support for 157 world currencies which updates at every 15 minutes. It requires continuous internet connectivity to work smoothly
• Automatically remembers your recently used conversions
• Access recently used and favorite conversions from home screen
• Innovative ruler scroll feature allows easy navigation between the ranges
• Just scroll or use keyboard get to the desired number. Real time conversion is always available on the other side • Instantly switch between the units
• Choose your preferred app background from our 9 gorgeous color themes
• Manage different app operations from ‘Settings’ screen

Last updated 5 Oct 2014