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Published 23 Oct 2011

Ah couldn't last I suppose. YouTube to MP3 sites used to be the best kept secrets on the net but the secret is well and truly out now. So why were they coveted by people that knew about them? Because you can effectively convert all the YouTube videos and live performances into an MP3 onto your computer or device and then burn them onto disc. There's a couple of other things, too. For a start it's the easiest thing in the world to convert the files and secondly, it's totally free.
“ConvertVideoToAudio” is a free  audio and video web tool that lets you convert YouTube videos into the following formats: aac, ac3, avi, flac, mov, mp3, mp4, mpg, wav, dvd, 3gp, swf, rm, and wmv. That gives you an impressive number of options to convert in either video or audio formats. Converting YouTube videos to other video or audio formats is a service not many online tools provide. Usually you have to visit separate sites for video and audio format conversions. “ConvertVideoToAudio” however provides all the conversion formats under one interface. All you do is paste in the video’s URL, select the output format andand click on the “Download” button. It really is that easy. This will start the conversion process and display the progress bar. When the file is fully converted you are provided with a download link that states the file size as well.

How these sites aren't illegal I do not know...but they certainly rock for the music fan, that's for sure. Think of how many previously unreleased Grateful Dead Live performances you'll be able to download from YouTube and convert into kickass live cd's that no one else will have. If it comes to that, you can even convert all the latest music videos and have your very own top 20 compilation absolutely free. As I say I don't know how it is legal but there ya go. Don't knock the rock. Start downloading now.

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