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Published 11 Oct 2011

For any non-profit organization keeping as much of the cash that comes in from donations for use on the actual cause is paramount. By far the largest expense suffered in any campaign comes from high administration charges.

With  staff tied up battling with a creaky IT system their focus is taken away from what they should be doing, championing the cause, and shifted to reconciling unidentified donations. is a web based system designed to put an end to just this scenario. Sign up and you can use the tools on offer to design any number of campaign pages to add to a website and then set about shouting the message out to the world. Online donation forms attached to the campaign can also be customized with gift amounts and a field for supporters to opt for recurring payments.

Making life easier for non tech staff is the name of the game here and Convio seems to tick all of the boxes. Automatic email thank you notes are sent to every donor and online payments are recorded less any merchant fee deducted saving more time playing with the calculator.

The system is also useful for filling in gaps in supporter information. Anyone making an online donation will automatically have their email address captured for use in future campaigns.

There are versions available to suit the small non-profit and the larger enterprise as well. The large players can enjoy the features described above but have the added power of...