Developer description

In order to win the competition of the best idea design and development mobile application for Arab Mobile App Challenge, there is a new app idea " Cookaloca ".
A tunisian team who contribute for a new type of cooking application.
Cookaloca is a one stop cooking app where you can find a huge number of recipes organized in Cuisine, Dish Type, Main Ingredients and Categories.
It also offer a lot interesting other features such as :
- Access to a built-in reverse-recipe search engine: The app can suggest you recipes based on the ingredients and materials available in the kitchen.
- Browse recipes in your native language: Thanks to its smart server side engine, Cookaloca team will enter the recipe through a wizard only once and the recipe will be perfectly translated into several languages.
- Interact with Cookaloca community: Ask for help, rank a recipe … etc.
For more information please see :
Our website :
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Feel free to contact us throught our email adress :
[email protected]

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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