Developer description

Cookiesy fulfills your desire of cooking delightful traditional dishes and exquisite inter-continental delicacies at your kitchen, with ease. The cuisines are categorized and gives a brief cooking directions to the user. While going through each cuisine, it will give a pool of world-class recipes, that will surely bring water in the mouth.It consist of the list of ingredients required, method of cooking as well as the overall cooking time for the dish. You will find all sorts of dishes that can be prepared in 5 minutes to the dishes that require more than an hour to cook. The app helps you in these ways to cook: -Vegetarian Recipes -Noodle Recipes -Chicken Recipes -Mutton Recipes -Fish Recipes and many more It provides recipes of all major dishes from various cuisines; -French Cuisine -Italian Cuisine -Indian Cuisine -Chinese Cuisine -Thai Cuisine -Mexican Cuisine -Spanish Cuisine

Last updated 6 Aug 2015