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When do you think the price of gas will hit five bucks a gallon?

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All of us make predictions everyday, but until now there hasn't been a consistent, reliable way ... More

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Published 24 Mar 2012

There's always one person in your group of friends who seems to have an opinion on everything. Who's going to win the election? Who's going to win the game? Is Prince Harry really Charles' son? Hang on, how did that get in there? Correctnicity is a crowdsourcing news prediction application that let's you predict the outcome of any number of events to see how accurate they turn out to be. Not only will Correctnicity measure the king or queen of predictions it will also increase your knowledge of whats going on in the world.
All of us make predictions everyday, but until now there hasn't been a consistent, reliable way to measure how accurate those predictions turn out to be.That's where Correctnicity comes into play. It asks questions related to the latest news stories and asks you to predict the outcome you think is most likely to occur. Your Correctnicity Score measures the accuracy of your predictions across a broad range of subjects with new questions added daily. So how does it work? Everyday, questions are posted related to the big stories making headlines in the areas of politics, sports, entertainment, technology and more. These questions are objective — each one has a clearly defined correct answer and window of time within which you can make and change your prediction. Every question has a short summary with some background about the issues involved, as well as a seed link with further reading to get up to speed on the story. Likewise, after a question expires, Correctnicity adds a closing link to a source related to the correct answer. After a question has expired or events themselves have provided the correct answer, Correctnicity calculates a score for everyone who made a prediction whether they are right or wrong. This score is measured in what is called CX  or Correctnicity Experience.
Correctnicity is a fun way to increase your world knowledge as you make predictions by answering questions related to the day's news. Your Correctnicity Score is based on accuracy, time and the votes of fellow users. But here s where it gets interesting. Here is a crowdsourcing app that works on several  levels. On the one hand it's a fun game of one upmanship where you can win points for predicting future events and prove to your friends that you are top dog.  But, without a doubt, it also has what some could feel is it's more interesting side. It increases awareness of world events and, if you wanna be good at it, literally forces the gamer to research their subjects - and that's gotta be good. So, back to Prince Harry...

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