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Couch Terror is deliciously malicious arcade distraction perfect for anyone eager to kill a few ... More

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Published 7 Apr 2013

The thing about this new iOS game is that pretty well all of us have played it in one form or another before so we will be fairly familiar with the concept. I'm sure most of us used to have a relative at home who would fall asleep at the drop of a hat (with, more often than not,  a gin and tonic by their side) and we kids would try to have as much fun and make as much noise as we could, without waking them up. Well, that's the concept of Couch Terror. The idea of this beautifully drawn and entertaining game is to keep your snoring victim - in this case Uncle Mike - on edge for three whole minutes without him waking up.
Couch Terror is deliciously malicious and strangely addictive arcade distraction for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that's perfect for anyone eager to kill a few minutes during downtime! Its the ultimate 'pick-up-and-play' gaming experience. Your goal in the game is simple and basically, lies in its name! You just have to go out of your way to annoy and 'almost' disturb a guy fast asleep on a couch - the aforementioned Uncle Mike - in as many ways as you can think up. Only trouble is, if you make too much noise and wake him up before the three minute time period is up - he goes ballistic. Players are challenged to think of as many moves and combinations that they can, while still keeping their snoozing victim on edge for the allotted amount of time  - ensuring that he’s as close to waking up as possible during multiple attacks but without ever going overboard and actually waking him. The game features sixteen different noisy and annoying tactics like farts and finger pokes to more drastically devilish annoyances like fireworks going off and banging drums. Couch Terror is part strategy and part downright stupidity, but it can be a lot of fun to play and is suitable for 'kids' of all ages
Yes well, I don't think any of us think that Couch Terror will be the logical successor to a game like Myst but it can be a strangely addictive little time-waster that iOS gamers might want to have on their iDevice. To its great credit, the graphics are cartoon gorgeous and the gameplay is pretty simple. You can earn bonus points by combining various annoying noises and the closer Mike gets to waking up the more points you get. Couch Terror is hardly one for the purists but is a heap of fun for those who just want to have a little iOS fun when they have a spare minute or two.

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