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Developer description

Country codes is an application for dial codes of countries, areas and cities, mobile phone operator codes, emergency phone codes such as police, ambulance and fire from all countries around the world.
By this application you can have convenient travels because you have all necessary phone codes for all countries.
Main features:
★Search for more than 9000 area and city dialing codes of all countries.
★With country codes you can search for over 500 mobile phone operator codes in different countries.
★Get the currency and iso codes of countries.
★This app has a search bar, you can easily type the name of country and search for the dial codes.
★Emergency phone codes (police, ambulance, fire).
★Country codes is compatible with most of tablets and mobile phones.
★Even without searching you can see all country codes in the list view.
Please help us to develop better applications by making review on country codes.

Last updated 23 Dec 2014

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