Developer description Mobile App keeps you updated with latest offers and Coupons for most of the Indian online retail stores.
Gone are those days when clipping coupons used to be a weekend thing as now we have access to coupons and promo deals any time of the day thanks to online coupons. No cutting or tearing, just copy and paste the special promo or coupon code onto the checkout page of the shopping website and you are good to go.
The recent and best promo deals for all the stores appear on the top and when you keep scrolling down you get the old and recently expired deals for that particular store. If you are searching for any product you would get a list of top coupons for that product.
Over 140 stores and 50 categories, Coupondesh is fast growing and its growth is good for us, the consumers as we tend to have more and more options at shopping for various products at great prices. All the stores and categories have their separate description making it easy for the consumer to navigate through the stores and finding the right product.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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