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Published 26 Dec 2012

[cont'd] be automatically discounted.  You'll never have to interrupt your shopping experience to search for coupons again and theres no more copying and pasting codes either. Coupons at Checkout is backed by the robust database of real-time coupon codes from over 100,000 online e-commerce websites across the US, UK, Canada and Australia.
You see those TV shows about people that are a bit obsessed with coupon collecting and money saving and they are often scoffed at but I have no problem with it at all. I figure that if someone is prepared to offer me a discount them I'm in and I want to know all about it. Trouble is, coupon collecting isn't particularly easy and often requires a fair bit of work googling, internet searching and cutting and pasting. Coupons at Checkout offers an automated service that means you won't have to search for coupons again. When you get to the checkout - the important bit - your coupon codes are presented at the drop of a hat and you will never forget to claim your discount again.