Developer description is a web application that list hundreds of stores that make coupon codes available to consumers. Coupons codes are listed for each store and then rated by users to determine if the coupon code really works. The best coupon codes rise to the top of the page and the least successful sink to the bottom of the page. This greatly increases the chances that a promo code will work when it's used.

The coupon codes are hand picked by the site owner to ensure the best quality codes are available to the visitors. Each visitor has the ability to discuss how well each discount code worked for them. This is another great way to determine how well a coupon code will work. In other words, you can read what others have to say about the coupon code before trying to use it.

Coupon codes have the potential to save the buyer anywhere from 5% all the way up to 50% or more. Unlike paper coupons, coupon codes can change at a moments notice. This allows the merchant to discontinue a sale once the merchandise has run out. However, it makes starting up a new sale very easy for the merchant as well.

Since coupon codes are so flexible and change often they can go out of date fast and it can be frustrating for consumers when they try to use a code that does not actually work since it has been discontinued by the merchant. solves this problem by rating each coupon based on sucess and user comments. This can save a lot of time and frustration for the consumer.

Coupons codes are becoming very popular on the web and many folks understand that the price show on a merchant web site might not be the true bottom price. Many people search for coupon codes before buying. hope to take some of the frustration out of finding and using discount codes. It's nice to save money but if it becomes to inconvenient and take to much time then you are just trading your valuable time to save money. In that sense, it's not a true savings.

Last updated 14 Sep 2012