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Published 27 Oct 2011

When it comes to marketing and promotion it seems that the old coupon method is still a big favourite with the public. Of course these days you don’t just see them in newspapers and magazines surrounded by dotted lines and the symbol for a pair of scissors, they come at you electronically too.

Any business owner considering this strategy but concerned at the probable costs involved should really have a look at where you can quickly get in on the act at a cost that’s lower than you might think.

For a start you don’t have to pay for a technical wizard to sort out the design and website integration as the app provides all the tools you’ll need to do this on your own. From a huge selection of colors, fonts and backgrounds you can design a great looking coupon that can include a barcode, web code and expiration date.

Adding coupons to your website couldn’t be easier and you have a choice of how you do it and how much of the job you leave to By adding a line of code to your website you can either get a sliding tab showing your choice of coupons or alternatively embed them right into your webpage. If all of this still sounds a bit too technical then just get to create a web page that links from your website.

With your coupon ready you can set about getting it out there to the waiting public and there are a number of ways to do this successfully including via Facebook and Twitter. The Facebook function can be set so that anyone wanting to access the coupon must click to "like" it first. This of course has the potential to send the message to a whole new crowd.

If that wasn’t enough the site now has a feature called "Coupon Blasting". With one click of a button you can send your coupon to a number of specialist coupon sites as well as some of the webs largest social networks. And all of it’s done without the need for a pair of scissors!

I like this app and the way it brings mass coupon marketing possibilities to any business large or small. The little guys can now mix it with the big guys.

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