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Published 26 May 2013

You may be a good teacher but transferring your undoubted classroom skills into an elearning situation can prove a little problematic -especially if your computer skills aren't all they could be. However, now there is an easy way. Course Toolkit is an educational application where you can either create brand new, media rich and professional looking courses from scratch or import your own existing courses from HTML files. This very flexible app lets you add as many pages as you want, create tests that can be automatically or manually marked and provide a very classy service for your students.
Creating great looking course material is easy with Course Toolkit. This web-based training software enables teachers and training administrators to create well-structured and professional looking courses that can be served to students online without having to have expert design skills. Trainers can add fully-formatted documents and rich media as well as being able to track your students progress with real-time reporting. Add unlimited pages to your course in the formats that fit your course and make it easy for students to navigate your content by categorizing pages by module or by adding sections and sub-sections. Add rich text documents with formatted text, images, tables and more to give your material a professional feel without using any expensive design tools. Bring sound and video to your training with the streaming course media player (external hosting required) and  add downloadable presentations, documents and files to your course that students can access...